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O Pane 'e na vota

Entering the bakery “O Pane ‘e na vota” you will be inebriated by the scent of many products carefully prepared by Mrs. Sandra and her daughter Sara, who will guide you on a real tour of flavours, helping you to choose what’s best for you between bread, pizza or sweets.

Bread baked in a wood-fired oven, pizza and cakes

Take your time to taste all the local specialties: many kinds of bread are baked daily using only the highest quality flour; you can then choose between high fiber wheat germ loaves , finger rolls with potatoes, wholemeal bread, brown bread or even the best stuffed bread with zucchini, salami, nuts or olives.
There is also a huge variety of “pizza alla pala“, whose dough is rising naturally, and on Fridays and Saturdays you can even get the tipycal round pizzas to take away. All pizzas are baked exclusively in our wood-fired ovens.
The bakery “O Pane ‘e na vota” also offers to the customers an amazing selection of desserts: cakes, pies, amazing croissants ideal for breakfast, “wine biscuits donuts”, fried donuts, typical Subiaco’s “crumiri” biscuits, apple pie, “sbriciolata” cake, almond cakes and much more.

Special organic flours and handcrafted products

On top of everything you can also buy different varieties of organic flours, like kamut flour, wheat germ flour, buckwheat, corn and cereals flour; and you can also make your breakfast or snacks even more enjoyable with excellent honey or jams, of course local!

O Pane ‘e na vota sandwiches

Let’s say that you wanna make a trip or just wonder around to admire the variety of the natural attractions nearby.
Well, O Pane ‘e na vota think about you. If you are walking along the Sublacense Regional Road and you wanna stop halfway for a rest before going ahead to the monasteries or the ski resorts, ask for the prepartion of expressed sandwiches, stuffed with local meats and cheeses. And enjoy your meal in front of one of the many jewels of art and culture that are just a few steps from the Bakery.

TIPI.CO. – Bread twist and Subiaco’s cakes

Many and of different kinds are the Tipi.Co., the typical homemade products available at the “O Pane ‘e na vota” bakery.
Among the variety of bread, stand the typical donuts and the bread twist, both made with sourdough starter and organic flour. The dough is left to rise naturally and each piece get slowly cooked into the oven for over an hour.
That bread preparation is quite similar to the pizza‘s one, rigorously stuffed with real mozzarella only.

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homemade typical products