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O Pane 'e na vota

The laboratory of “O Pane ‘e na vota” is the core of our business: here we make our products with sourdough starter only, and bread, pizza and cakes get cooked rigorously in the two wood-fired oven.

Organic flour and sourdough bread

The key strengths of “O Pane ‘e na vota” bakery are our ingredients, like the sourdough starter and organic flour, all purchased from a local mill with a real grindstone. Every product of is course made according to ancient recipes but also with a little bit of inventiveness.

How we work

Since 25 years we use the same sourdough starter, hedged with care and attention to preserve its magic. Each dough is left to rise for an hour, then cutted apart and let stand again for one more hour; after all this slow preparation the products are ready to be baked and cocked. The repetition of the gesture does nothing but enhance the result always beautiful and spectacular. Every morning if you find your self wondering in the streets of Subiaco, you’ll feel a delicious smell even before the dawn, ready to tickle your appetite.

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