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O Pane 'e na vota

Aniene river valley

The backery "O Pane 'e na vota" is located along the Subiaco Regional Road in Subiaco Contrada Sant'Angelo, in the province of Rome. It's the largest town in the upper Aniene river valley, located in the Regional Natural Park of Simbruini Mountains, the largest protected area in the Lazio region. The town of Subiaco offers tourists and visitors a lot of different cultural attractions, such as the St. Benedict and St. Scholastica Benedictine monasteries: ancient places rich of artwork. Not to forget are also the Borgia's Rocca Abbaziale and the Nero's Villa. Last but not least the beautiful and breath-taking view of the nature trail La Parata and the Borgo degli Opifici. Subiaco is also a tourist spot in winter time thanks to the Monte Livata ski lifts and ski slopes.

St. Francis Convent

One of the monuments nearby the bakery "O Pane 'e na vota" is St. Francis Convent, part of the same church. The eighteenth-century cloister, restored in 1893, retains the original square - shaped romanesque architecture. It is decorated with frescoes representing the story of St. Francis of Assisi and other friars of the franciscan order. In the convent there are frescoes by a pupil of Pinturicchio, of Giannantonio Bazzi and of Sodoma. You can have an idea of this beauty clicking on our Virtual Tour, wich will make your visit to the Convent just unmissable.

Suggested itineraries – The Spiritual journey

Subiaco is a magical place where history and spirituality are joined togheter. That amazing itinerary, even easy to walk, will lead you to discover the Subiaco's Monasteries, loved by St. Benedict. For further informations about that route and other umissable spots nearby visit the website Subiaco Tourism.

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