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O Pane'e na vota

Mastery and passion are the ingredients that have always inspired the bakery of Subiaco "O Pane 'e na vota", which has been run by the master baker Mrs. Sandra Antonuccio, and Sara, her daughter for over 25 years. The bakery is based in Subiaco, a beautiful village close to Rome, famous for its Benedictine monasteries and the many natural beauties. It is the perfect place to buy soft and fragrant bread, but also excellent pizza, cakes and biscuits of the first quality, made with love and passion, prepared with the freshest ingredients and following the traditional recipes. As soon as you get into "O Pane 'e na Vota" you'll be inebriated by the sweetest smells ever coming straight from the two brick ovens of the bakery. And not just your nose is going to be tempted, but your view too: in front of youur eyes an amazing server full of delicacies: bread, pizza, cakes, biscuits, so many products, all fresh and of the highest quality, ready to meet the needs and tastes of any customers.

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